Justin Sandler is a director, actor, drummer, writer, speaker, and cancer survivor. He and wife Mary Lou Sandler own 3 cubed studios, LLC and have 5 rescue cats.

A graduate of Indiana University, he has directed and produced cable TV in Chicago; wrote, directed, and produced commercials for ABC & FOX in Palm Springs; and has been in Los Angeles working as a professional TV, film, and commercial actor, as well as a recording and touring musician.

His film, "Welcome to Where You've Always Been" (writer, director, actor, editor, producer) appeared in 21 festivals, won 5 awards (including his award for Best Actor in a Leading Role), and is now available on Shorts TV and Amazon Prime.

Justin and Mary Lou are currently developing 2 new documentary films, "Caregiving Cancer: The Silent Heroes" and "MANtimacy." 

Justin recently debuted his solo show "EMBRACE LOVE FREE" at SoloFest 2019 to a sold-out crowd and is now in the middle of a 3 month run. He is currently writing a book as well as inspirationally speaking about his cancer journey.