FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (6/12/2019): EMBRACE LOVE FREE cancer returns to Los Angeles this Summer! After a sold-out debut at SoloFest 2019, the Whitefire Theatre will once again host this multi-media, multi-character, inspirational, rock ‘n roll, one-man show. The performances will run 3 months (July/August/September)… the 3rd Sunday of each month… with all showtimes at 3pm. "...fascinating and very unique...brilliantly acted...Justin’s skills as a filmmaker shine...this wonderful play is a testament to his humor, his spirit and his creativity…Bravo!!" -NoHo Arts



During cancer, he publicly shared his journey through vulnerable live videos and is now telling his inspirational story through this multi-media, multi-character, one-man show.

Written & performed by Justin Sandler with direction & development by Jessica Lynn Johnson, "EMBRACE LOVE FREE cancer" made its world debut to a sold out crowd in the largest solo theatre festival on the West Coast... Whitefire Theatre's SOLOFEST 2019!

On May 4th, 2017 Justin Sandler's life was forever changed when he was suddenly diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer in the form of a large tumor growing into his heart and lung. Instead of falling into the all-too-familiar victim role, he realized early on that if he was to survive this, he would need to embrace his cancer, give it love, and eventually set it free. He saw the bigger reason for his cancer, as he was now able to share this positive message of overcoming obstacles with as many people as he could. And that message has now become a solo show that includes characters, narration, poetry, musical performances, and actual video clips from his entire experience.